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Industrial objects


--- Modernization, reconstruction of existing mills or new ones of capacity up to 500 t/day (as for grain). Graded milling of wheat with increased percentage of high grade flour output, manna groats, special milling flour with total output of ready production up to 78%. Processing production output per cent is formed upon the Client’s approval. Mills are provided with local or imported equipment (upon the Client’s wish).
--- Modernization and reconstruction of existing objects of cereals acceptance, storage and processing.
--- Design of cereal workshops to produce cereal from wheat, barley, corn, millet, buckwheat and pea.
--- Design of extrusion lines.
--- Enterprises to produce feed-stuff for animals, birds and fish.
--- Design of separate types of technological grain processing equipment (roll machines, purifiers, grain cleaning separators, extruders, aspirators, filters, cyclones, mill compressors, fans, screw conveyors, grain elevators, sluice valves etc.).
--- Work is made by specialists with large experience of elaboration of grain processing technologies and design of grain storage and processing objects, as well as installation and adjustment of wheat milling and cereals equipment.