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You will get a professional opinion regarding your question from Artamonova Tatiana Nikolaevna (Chief Project Engineer — GIP).

e-mail: info@ra-stroiplan.ru

GIP is a Chief Project Engineer. Our Chief Project Engineer has total work experience of 27 years, and in our company she has been working for 10 years.

She executes technical guidance of design and survey work, author inspection of object construction and commissioning. GIP takes all possible measures to increase quality of cost estimation and design documentation, and prepares all data for contracts conclusion with the clients. Provides high technical and economic level of designed objects.

She estimates the risks that may arise during project realization.

She cooperates with governmental and non-governmental companies in the area of expertise. Defenses design in expertise and governmental authorities.

Our GIP will answer questions regarding complex design and any part of design documentation inclusive engineering networks of buildings and structures; she will advise you regarding cultural heritage object of regional or federal significance concerning its technical survey, preparation of scientific and design documentation, expertise, approval at the Department of Cultural Heritage (DKN) etc.

Chief Project Engineer makes calendar plans of scientific and technical production preparation. Makes offers regarding design performers and assigns them tasks regarding design parts, scope and cost of work. Prepares tasks to sub-design companies for work execution and provides such companies with necessary initial data. Solves questions that arise during documentation preparation. Controls technical level of made design, urban construction and architectural-planning solutions, efficient expenditure of funds for design and survey work, design and cost estimation documentation preparation schedule. Guarantees correspondence of made design and cost estimation documentation to state standards, norms, rules and instructions. Participates in consideration and approval by General Contractor of the design and cost estimation documentation. Solves questions that arise during design preparation, construction , commissioning, putting object into operation, achieving of designed capacity. Organizes work regarding elimination of revealed defects of design and cost estimation and other technical documentation as well as regarding accounting of approved cost estimation expenditure. Prepares proposals for the design company management and client regarding implementation in the working documentation of changes connected with enactment of new normative documents noting factual status of construction. Makes approval of reasoned violations of actual norms, rules, instructions with state control authorities and other authorities that approved them. Provides analysis and synthesis of built objects design, construction and operation experience and preparation on this basis of proposals regarding design solutions technical and economic level increase.