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06.11.2018 Milling complexes modernization

Work is made by specialists with large experience of elaboration of grain processing technologies and design of grain storage and processing objects, as well as installation and adjustment of wheat milling and cereals equipment.

Modernization, reconstruction of existing mills or new ones of capacity up to 500 t/day (as for grain). Graded milling of wheat with increased percentage of high grade flour output, manna groats, special milling flour with total output of ready production up to 78%. Processing production output per cent is formed upon the Client’s approval. Mills are provided with local or imported equipment (upon the Client’s wish).

15.06.2018 Explanation regarding objects of additional use (ОAU) on the land plot

Is it required to have a permit for construction of a structure located on the land plot if such structure is an object of additional purpose (for example, household building, warehouse)? What are legal norms regarding state registration?


  1. Article 51, p.17(3) «Urban Construction Code of the Russian Federation» dated December 29, 2004 № 190-FZ (version dated 23.04.2018): «Issuance of a permit for construction is not required in case of: 3) construction on the land plot of buildings and structures of additional use»;

20.11.2017 Finishing of work regarding coordination and control of roof capital renovation

Work of coordination and control of capital renovation of operated and non-operated roof of Trading and entertainment complex «Golden Babylon» in Rostokino, Moscow, is finished. Total area of renovation work is 109 771 sq. m. Scope of work included: dismounting of asphalt-concrete layer of operated roof followed by renovation of extension joints, drain funnels, attachments and installation of new asphalt-concrete layer; roof dismounting up to membrane of non-operated roof with installation of heat insulation, water insulation, aerators and additional membrane layer, and other work.